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    Blurb — King Biscuit

    by  • September 1, 2012 • Reviews

    “Billy Ray had glimpsed the world outside Argus in books, on TV, and from firsthand accounts of people who’d escaped the gravitational pull of Argus and ventured out into the Great Beyond the Horizon. He longed to sail into the Winds of Chance to see where they deposited him. And so, dear Reader, read...

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    The Town of Watered-Down Whiskey

    by  • March 1, 2012 • adult prose

    The Town of Watered-Down Whiskey, the latest titled we developed in Sol Books Prose Series, will be released next month. Shipping and handling is included with the price of the book. Synopsis: Minneota, Minnesota. Smalltown, America. For some, growing up in a place where everyone knows everybody evokes memories of grandmothers’ quilts, cruisin’ after...

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    by  • December 1, 2011 • children's fiction

    Our FishingKids project is moving along quite well, and we’re beginning to see the initial sketches. Here are the mock up of the cover (fonts not final). And an interior spread . . . Along with some fun art, we’re calling out informational text and illustrations. They are shown as notebook entries, drawn and...

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    Can You Survive

    by  • November 15, 2011 • children's fiction

    Flat Sole Studio has teamed up with Lake 7 Creative to produce a new line of books: Can You Survive? As with many great ideas, this one was imagined over burgers and beer. Ryan Jacobson, founder of Lake 7 Creative, is part of a group of authors I meet up with now and then...

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    National Novel Writing Month

    by  • October 15, 2011 • Happenings

    November has a lot going on for it: my birthday, Thanksgiving, it’s National Mustache Month, and for those of us with a book idea or two brewing upstairs, it’s also National Novel Writing Month—time to stop telling yourself that you’ll eventually crank out that novel and get to it. Last year, nearly 40,000 people...

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    Upcoming Events

    by  • October 1, 2011 • Happenings

    For those in the Twin Cities area, there are two events of interest just down the road For comic book fans . . . FallCon—10/15 from 10am to 4pm State Fair Ground in the Progress Center For literature fans .  .  . Twin Cities Book Festival—10/15 from 10am-5pm Minneapolis Community and Technical College It’s...

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    by  • September 15, 2011 • eBooks Releases

    Sol Book recently released an ebook version of Mama Joy on smashwords.com. If you purchase a copy between now and Oct 31st, you’ll receive 1/2 off the list price by using the code ME35X. Ballistics Reports is available, too, and we’ve decided to match Sol Books’ promotion, so you can also purchase a copy...

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