• Amazon Author Page

    by  • January 31, 2017 • Marketing Help

    With the amount of marketing information and websites available, it’s no wonder authors are left feeling a bit bewildered once they have copies of their book in hand. Getting that book noticed by readers is an incredibly daunting task. At Flat Sole Studio, we are strong believers in helping provide some straightforward solutions.

    Amazon is one of the world’s leading sites and with millions of readers scouring its pages for something new to read. Your title could be the next they click on if it stands out, and one way to achieve that is by getting readers interested in you, the author. Take advantage of Amazon’s feature to set up an author page, which you can use to provide readers with personal insight into your work.

    Go to https://authorcentral.amazon.com and click Join Now. Follow the sign up steps and upon completion enter the name under which your book was published. It can take a few days for Amazon to verify your identity. Once you’ve been approved you can truly begin.

    Smart tips:

    • Provide a bio, noting any writing highlights, from awards to your inspirations, that might catch a reader’s interest.
    • Be sure to add your blog and twitter feeds, as well as a photo to your profile page.
    • If you have any readings or book signings scheduled, there is even a place to provide that information.
    • Under the Books link, be sure to add all of the titles published under your name.
    • You can also check out Sales Info, to see how your books ranked, and see what people think of your books under Customer Reviews.