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    Chasing Shadows by Brandon Flesher 978-1-938237-08-9 $11.95

    Chasing Shadows by Brandon Flesher

    Starting today, click here to receive a free Kindle version of Chasing Shadows by Brandon Flesher. This offer will last through the end of April, National Poetry Month.

    Chasing Shadows is a collection of poems that touch on the small, poignant moments in life. Haunting and profound, Brandon’s words tenderly broach themes of love and loss, with each poem possessing a story unto itself.

    Brandon was born in Shawnee Mission, Kansas City, Kansas, and currently lives in Minnesota with his dog, Ringo. They are a common sight, walking the streets of the 7th Ave neighborhood, in Saint Paul. Chasing Shadows is Brandon’s first book. You can learn more his poetry at www.brandonflesher.com and read a sample poem below.

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    (sample poem)

    As a sculpture cast in ice
    So too was your love
    Your skin glowing in the noonday sun
    But cold to the touch
    Your shape as flowing as that of water
    But as unforgiving as ice
    As a thing of beauty
    One is awed by your appearance
    Only to see right through
    Thinking that you are strong
    Only to crack and break
    As ice is want to do
    And in the warmth of my love
    You began to melt
    Only to melt away from me